Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The 'One'

Here's another one from the stable of 'love'.. Sorry people.. but it just seems that I'm too full of this feeling today.. need to get some of it out.. so taking it out on all of you.. :D

Well, there is the strange story.. There was me, who was keeping happily to herself, until there came this guy in her way.. This guy whom she wouldn't have let herself cross paths with, had it not been for other forces (real ones.. not the filmy types though.. but can't give details). So there was the guy and they crossed paths. And as it had to happen, she liked him. She had not let herself really 'feel' for a long time. Not let herself go. But this time, she does try... and tries her best at that. She tries not to think about it but just go with the flow. But the guy is almost everything she could have asked for. Obviously not 'everything' (nobody is perfect), but the other stuff is not that important. And she just kinda goes with the flow and starts falling for the guy.. the 'One'.

She thinks to herself that she should stop.. perhaps this will never happen (that has been her state of mind for as long as she remembers.. 'why?'.. she has never tried to figure out). But then she decides, maybe she should take the plunge. Let herself be vulnerable to what is called the 'heartache' and what might become the 'heartbreak'. She fears that if she speaks her mind, it might ruin everything, but then this time around.. she might just do it.. just for the heck of it.. just for being completely tired of waiting and thinking before doing anything..

But the 'One' doesn't understand the subtle hints of the woman, the scared little person that she is (very unlike her general attitude).. What if he takes everything that she has done in the wrong sense? What if everything that she treasures now goes to waste? Is it deep enough to commit herself or should she just stay at liking? (I think this one should be to stay at liking and let it develop from there).
Well anyways, those are the thoughts that are going on in her mind. But she promises herself.. she won't think too much.. and let whatever has to happen, happen. Try her best to go with the heart rather than the mind. Let her heart take the chance. And hope that the 'One' understands and something good comes out of it.. for a change.


Surrendered Emotions said...

well u see my dear lady ... as i have seen the world and although i am a dreamer piscean, a hard blow from the reality is so much better than dreamy uncertainities!
U have to choose!

harsh said...

Well, I gotta agree with animesh! Go and folow your heart - if things go well, its swell. If not, still its good - atleast you get out of the uncertainity! In any case, its a win-win situation :) The fear of the unknown always prevents the present from becoming the rosy future that we've always imagined in dreams!