Saturday, October 13, 2007

Homo Sapien

People.. this is one thing one can never stop being amazed by. It is said that no two persons are the same. Think about it this way. The population of the world's growing. So each time there's a birth, a new person comes into existence. How many kinds of permutations and combinations are possible in a human being which has resulted in so many people on this earth.. no two of whom are exactly the same.

First you are in your house, and you try and understand the differences in the people around you. Then the scope increases to your locality, your school and your playgroup. Then as you grow older, it further increases to your college, the place where you work and other social or professional networks. At each step, your area of exposure increases. Home, city, State, Country... At some point you think.. this is the point where I guess I have seen enough to assimilate all that comes my way.. and then suddenly, there is another experience with some other person, maybe from the same country or a different, same background or different, maybe even from the same house or the same time.. An experience which would unsettle you completely.

Its amazing to see.. if it is God or Science or DNA.. whatever you believe to be the origin of the human race.. so many differences and yet somehow each human being is equipped with all that is needed to adjust to each of the various permutation and combination which results into a new person and a new experience. So different we are, yet this one thing is so strongly common amongst us all.

Marvel.. the creation called the 'Homo Sapien'


Surrendered Emotions said...

oh yeah baby ... this is what the world is ... its beautifully marvellous isnt it?

Anumeha Sinha said...

hey thanks.. well read your posts.. great!!

Surrendered Emotions said...

oh thanks ... but u know without ur comments they appear incomplete ... so next time please leave comments ... :)