Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Love... Musings

Falling in love makes the world go round
That is what everybody says
But there is a doubt in my mind
and unanswered it stays
Aren't you always in love?
In love with your family and friends
In love with yourself
And in Love with life...
If its true then you should always be dizzy
And if there's another love
Still a thought keeps me busy
Love is omnipresent
Love is all encompassing
It brings along joy, elation and happiness
And also satisfaction, gratification and success
Sometimes there is hurt and fear because of it
But growing in love makes you better and that makes the risk worth it

1 comment:

I said...

too romantic...
love has been oft defined
and spoken and dropped
but seldom understood.

the true nature of universe is love.
what we see in our life is diluted mixute of love. which of course comes with its not so desirable counterparts :P
that is why while u can safely say that u love ur brother sister husband etc...
the fact remains that u arent gripped by the feeling of love everytime.
infact love is substartum of being.
u can love anyone ..
u become love and live it..
the very emboidments of love cant
love becasue they become love

ps: u shud allow anon comments yaar?